Residential and Commercial

Masonry Strengthening Water Repellents

Deep-penetrating water repellent and consolidation treatment for brick, most natural stone, unglazed terra cotta, historic concrete, and cast stone surfaces. Protects against deterioration caused by water and waterborne contaminants while strengthening weathered surfaces and soft mortar joints.

Long-lasting Water Repellents

Natural Stone Treatments are a modified siloxane water repellent developed for limestone, marble and most other traditional masonry surfaces. Natural Stone Treatments penetrates deeply to provide long-lasting protection without altering the natural appearance of the substrate. Unlike conventional siloxane water repellents, Natural Stone Treatments are modified for effectiveness on most limestone, marble and other calcareous surfaces.

Water Repellents

Weather Seal, Natural Stone Treatments are water repellent for limestone, marble, travertine and most other traditional masonry surfaces delivering the same performance as solvent-based products without the drawbacks of traditional water-based treatments. Treated surfaces resist penetration of water-based stains and atmospheric and biological soiling.

Long-lasting, VOC-compliant water repellents

Natural Stone Treatments protect masonry surfaces from dark staining and degradation caused by acid rain and organic matter such as fungal growth, mold and mildew. Unlike conventional siloxane water repellents, Natural Stone Treatments VOC is uniquely formulated for effectiveness on limestone, marble and other calcareous surfaces, as well as other masonry types.

Unpolished limestone & cast stone cleaning

Limestone restoring services for unpolished limestone, sandstone, slate, concrete and cast stone surfaces. Safely remove atmospheric dirt, mildew and many other surface stains without the risk of bleaching or discoloration, and it’s safer and easier to use than conventional acidic or abrasive cleaning systems when used properly.

Penetrating stone & masonry strengthener

Consolidation treatments that stabilizes masonry by replacing the natural binding materials lost due to weathering with silicon dioxide. Penetrates deeply, does not form a dense surface crust, and retains the substrate’s natural vapor permeability. It is also an effective pretreatment for friable substrates that need to be strengthened before cleaning, patching or coating.

Protection Stone, Masonry, Concrete, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, etc.

Even through concrete, brick, and stone are strong and attractive, rainwater overtime can cause visible deterioration and staining if they are not protected. As masonry absorbs rainwater, the natural salts that re-crystalize as the surface dries are dissolved by it. Salts accumulate in the pores of the masonry as result of frequent wet/dry cycles. Water freezes and expands inside the pores of masonry during cold weather. The initial fractures and cracks caused by freeze-thaw and wet-dry cycles are minuscule. They don’t remain in that state. A costly masonry investment can become an eyesore and a liability when combined with other natural forces like biological development and severe temperatures.



  • Deep Penetration provides long lasting protection
  • Strengthens and protects deteriorating surfaces
  • Strengthens soft mortar- reduces need for repointing
  • Treated surfaces “breathe” – Does not trap moisture*
  • Helps prevent rapid recolonization by biological species such as mold, mildew and lichens.

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